Meet The Rational’s Features Editor

Hello Rational Readers,

I’m Kimberly Williams––an essayist, a poet and one of several feature editors for this new intellectual and soulful space for women.

I identify as black, queer and cisgender. What’s on my bookshelf? Incendiary Art by Patricia Smith, The Myles Horton Reader: Education For Social Change, The Foundations of Voice Studies (with a trim of dust) and a rolled up film poster of “The Wolverine” that needs framing. I cried at the end of that film. I like to read anything and everything because I’m curious and nocturnal. I’m introverted, tender-hearted and creepily proud of Issa Rae. My past lives include a domestic violence counselor, a retail worker and an English instructor.

I believe mentorship and sisterhood save lives. I want to champion and read your work.

The word rational, historically, has an acrimonious relationship with womanhood. Feminists have always been pathologized into hysterics. 

Moreover, as a black woman, I’m perceived as an abrasive hysteric with blood between my teeth. I don’t know if there’s a rational state for black women in a world that continues to quietly kill us and anyone we love.

Illustration by Alice Carman
Illustration by Alice Carman

So when I think of rational, I think of radical: tides, quiet, reaction, and clamor. Women need these concepts to salvage the rational in this violent atmosphere. It’s imperative to exclaim but also quiet ourselves––mindfully––for processing. For the activists, artists, champions, mourners and teachers­­––let this column serve as that respite and place of growth.

I want to hear from people fighting, forging and aligning themselves for justice. If you’re on the front lines––I want to hear from you. If you’re in the back––I want to hear from you. I want to hear from feminists who are sustaining rationality and equality.

In your articles, break down theoretical concepts like oppression, agency and feminism into tangible stories or commentaries. Divulge how you’re making mistakes and share your other vulnerabilities. Importantly, the Rational’s feminism is intersectional and the pieces should adhere to that definition.

This is a column to swap stories, exchange survival and healing advice and even quarrel sometimes. I want this space to affirm our importance, our work and sweat.

Welcome beloved and submit.  

Kimberly Williams is the Features Editor of The Rational. She studied poetry at Cornell University where she also became a Callaloo Oxford University fellow. You can find her creative works in Gulf Coast, Callaloo, and Drunken Boat and her nonfiction in Slate and Sounding Out!